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General Construction

SpringerVoss Construction is a full-service general contractor. That means our team is responsible for managing your entire project – filing of a notice of commencement, getting building permits from local and state officials, scheduling inspections, hiring subcontractors, material procurement to final closeout and the warranty turn over process. As general contractors, we act as your main point of contact for the project. 

Our team acts as solutions providers, instead of problem presenters, due to decades of experience in managing high-performing teams and supply chains. Our job is to save time, headaches, and money while streamlining the construction process. When you partner with us, we’ll lead your project to success from concept to completion. 

Construction Management

When you partner with SpringerVoss Construction, our approach to the project is tailored to your specific needs. We take great pride in a collaborative approach with our clients, our staff is easy to reach and ready to answer your questions. 


We work hard to add value in the overall construction experience by helping our clients avoid construction delays and work disputes that can be both time consuming and expensive.  Managing the construction life cycle can get complex quickly. That means managing third parties, handling cost estimations and bid analysis, managing contract awards and compliance, overviewing the job site. This also means managing and balancing safety inspections, quality, schedule, procurement, and document control. 

Our expertise in the design and construction life cycles allows us to best represent your interests throughout the project. This mean providing leadership to ensure project financials, schedule and scope are properly managed to deliver a quality product to your specifications.  



At SpringerVoss Construction, we firmly believe every successful project starts with a good estimate. The earlier we can get involved in a project allows the more opportunity we have to eliminate potential roadblocks and set our clients up for success. 


We begin by working with the project Owner and designers to analyze risk, identify scope, prepare a budget and schedule. With a target value in mind, we have cleared the path for success. Through regularly schedule team meetings with transparent communications we can evaluate design progress and ensure alignment with the budget. Should there be any misalignment we identify cost and schedule drivers and present solutions to realign the budget.  


The pre-construction phase also allows time to plan critical path long lead and procurement items and the ability to offer any value engineer assist in delivering the best value to our clients. 

Design & Build

Design Build allows SpringerVoss Construction the ability to offer clients the convenience of a fast-tracked project approach where design and construction are under one contract.  Our early involvement with the design team ensures the scope of work aligns with the project owners needs and budget. This means providing a seamless transition from pre-construction to course of construction and allows for better communication and early selection of trade partners.


In a design build approach, we can also add value by creating efficiency in the design process by selective engagement of certain trade partners that have design capability. On board such trades early mean certain scopes of work can progress while the design is being completed. 

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